Jojoba Oil is one of the most well known and common uses today for skin
Jojoba Oil For Skin
Jojoba Oil For Skin
or other oils applied to the skin. As mentioned earlier, the reason is because instead of oil secreted from the jojoba bean it is a wax.  It is a liquid wax applied to the skin and is chemically more closely related to the oil produced from our skin, sebum. Therefore when applied to the skin it penetrates without having a greasy or tacky feeling.

Some of the other benefits jojoba oil for the skin is keeping it from dehydrating. Maintaining the skin to be pliant, keeping it elastic, non-comedogenic (retard the production of acne) and has even shown the ability to reduce wrinkles or minimize fine lines.

Pure jojoba oil can be directly applied to the skin without and problems.  However, in most cases it is mixed with other products that are then applied to the skin for its particular purpose. Examples would be skin moisturizer, shave cream, hair conditioner, acne cream or eye and face makeup. If you want to apply the jojoba oil directly, only a few drops are needed in all cases.  If you have shaving cream, body moisturizer, makeup or hair conditioner, you can use 2-3 drops of jojoba oil in these products to improve them. Also, many products today have jojoba oil in it and the label will state it.

When using jojoba oil for skin directly, moisten your hands with water and place two or three drops in your hands and massage your body all over to apply it.  If you wish to shave your legs or face, apply a couple of drops on moist hands again and rub the area you want to shave then shave.  Shaving will be much more comfortable and reduce irritation and potential rash.
Jojoba oil (pronounced ho ho ba) was discovered in Baja California Norte, Mexico by HF Link in 1882. The plant can be found in the desert areas and coastal areas, San Diego County, United States and Baja California Norte, Mexico.  The desert regions of both locations are known to be very dry and extremely hot in the summer months with temperatures reaching 120°F (49°C).
Jojoba oil became a replacement for whale oil in the 1970’s after whale hunting was banned.  Prior to the 1970’s whale oil was commonly used to keep skin soft, supple and elastic.  Since scientists knew jojoba could maintain its texture and not dry even though it was exposed to extreme temperatures for long periods of time, they found a way to cause a wax (oil) to be secreted from the beans of the plant. It was also found that this wax performed better then whale oil on the skin. There was no side effects or toxins found when placed on the skin.
Jojoba oil for skin was found to useful for people who have sensitivity due to psoriasis and eczema.  In later years it was discovered that those serious acne conditions could treat the acne areas the jojoba oil could clear up the exposed area and leave little to no scarring.
Jojoba oil benefits for the skin is that it does not leave an oily sensation or residue like whale oil
Jojoba flower, seed and ready to harvest seed.
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