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Jojoba Oil is one of the most well known and common uses today for skin
Jojoba Oil For Skin
Now Foods jojoba oil carries an impressive selection of products from pure jojoba oil to products containing jojoba oil. They have 5 primary Brands that carry jojoba oil: Now, Now Real Foods, Now Solutions, Now Sports and Better Stevia. Within these brands they show about 466 products containing Now Foods jojoba oil.

For ease the Now Solutions website breaks their products into Categories and Health Topics. Therefore it is easy to search through the website for the products you particularly want or need. Categories vary from Amino Acids to Hair to Women Specialty Formulas.  Their Health Topics go from Minerals through Weight Management to Vision.

The impressive selections of products begin with jojoba oil. They have bottles of 1 oz., 4 oz., 16 oz. and 1 gallon of pure jojoba oil. They also have a 4 oz. bottle of organic certified jojoba oil. From there they offer massage oils that include Now Foods jojoba oil and them other oils such as rose and vanilla citrus. 

They have diverse Aromatherapy blends that have oils such as vanilla, jasmine, frankincense, lemongrass, lemon, eucalyptus, anise, lavender, tree tea, Cedar wood, Thyme, clove, balsam fir needle, chamomile, cinnamon, grapefruit, ginger, hyssop, lime, marjoram, nutmeg, peppermint, patchouli, spearmint, wintergreen, tangerine, oregano, rosemary, camphor, citronella, juniper berry, myrrh, geranium, basil, cypress, sandalwood, and almond included with jojoba oil.  Next are body oils including, avocado, castor, grapeseed, coconut, coco butter, and many of the aromatherapy scents.

They even have toothpaste and mouthwashes with Now Foods jojoba oil along with cinnamon or mints for mouth washes and toothpastes. We have peppermint, vanilla and pomegranate lip balms and even nasal sprays.

They have a large array of cooking oils and daily supplemental soft-gels such as flax, castor, coconut, garlic, pumpkin seed, evening primrose, cod liver, salmon, macadamia, and herb & mushroom extract.  There are supplements for prenatal, cholesterol/cardiovascular, immune system support, joint pain and mobility, diet and weight management and prostate support.

Of course you can get vitamin supplements with Now Foods jojoba oil included from A through Z. They also have 28 herbal supplements from Ashwagandha extract to Yucca. When it comes to sports supplements Now Foods jojoba oil has at least 97 products.

Now Foods does not sell directly to the consumer.  They sell to many retail outlets to get their product out to the consumer or online through those retail outlets.  They also will sell online through Amazon or Google.  There are literally thousands of companies that carry the Now Foods jojoba oil products. If you want a particular product and you need it quickly, just look up the product on the Now Foods website and enter your zip code and you will be given stores locally where you can go to purchase your product.

Comparing Now Foods jojoba oil product prices to other jojoba oil manufacturers was interesting.  There are many companies that sell pure jojoba oil and jojoba oil products.  I looked at Now Foods jojoba oil 4 oz. and 16 oz. to other companies that sell 4 and 16 oz. oils. Overall, Now Foods costs are a bit cheaper from other companies like Desert Essence or Nature’s Alchemy.  I also compared certified organic jojoba oil prices and again found Now Foods jojoba oil 4 oz. bottles are less expensive from other companies that sell 4 oz. bottles. I do not know if there is a difference in processing the oil from other companies but those that sell certified organic the process is likely not very different so of appears that Now Foods jojoba oil products are just as good as other competitors but more cost effective.

It is recommended that consumers do their research but consider Now Foods jojoba products as part of their purchases.
Now Foods Jojoba Oil
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